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I am going to tell you how you can buy the cheapest iPods at clearance prices. I am also going to tell you the cheapest place to buy an iPhone for sale on the Web is. If you want to buy the iPhone cheap, I have the secret to finding the best priced iPhone. You really should buy the iPhone cheap right now, because Apple just slashed the price, and it wouldn't make any sense not to take advantage of your knowledge of the cheapest place to buy the iPhone. Now you know.

But don't be stingy. Share the link with your friends so that they know how to get the iPhone at the cheapest price as well.

Now, if you are looking for cheap iPods, then I have to be honest with you; you are going to find them to be a lot cheaper than the iPhone. If all you want is to listen to music on an MP3 player with a nice sleak design like the iPod or even the Zune has, then I would seriously recommend that you bypass the iPhone and go straight for the gold: buy an iPod at clearance prices.

Cheap iPod
Why are iPods so much cheaper? The reason for this has a lot to do with the fact that the iPod has been around a lot longer than the iPhone, at least five or six years, so when you start shopping you are going to find many more iPod products, it's simply a result of them being on the market longer. You are going to find better iPod prices, more iPod consumer reviews and ratings and, most importantly, you are going to find numerous iPods being sold at clearance prices.

With so much selection, it is crucial that you don't pay more than you need to. I mean, why would you want to pay a lot of money for an MP3 player when you can get it heavily discounted? Sure, it requires you to spend a little bit of time shopping around -- until now, because right now I'm telling you how you can find the huge savings on iPods that you could find nowhere else. Here's how to look for the cheapest iPods on sale.

Buy iPods for Sale at Clearance Prices
Really, it's as simple as that. A lot of people waste a lot of money when they think that they have to buy iPods at Apple's ridiculous prices. So if you want to buy a cheap iPod, then, again, one of the best ways to do that is to search iPods on clearance. This means that the MP3 players are being sold off at extremely low prices, because online stores have to make room for newer products. Right now is actually a really great time to buy a cheap iPod, because the prices could be going up soon, and holiday shoppers are snapping up really cheap iPods quickly.

There is no one single cheapest place to buy an iPod, but rather a number of clearance priced discount iPod resellers. Generally, however, the safest bet is for you to buy a cheap MP3 player in the US. That's because the United States, in general has some of the cheapest electronics in the world. That goes for MP3 players, iPhones, iPods, Zunes, laptops, notebooks - you name it. The US is the cheapest place to buy the iPod - even better, online in the US. No matter where in the world you are, if you buy your iPod online from a US reseller, at clearance prices, then there is a good chance you are getting the best imaginable price out there.

Comparison of iPod Products
Even when you buy iPods at a discount, there will be so many different iPod products for you to choose from that you may be a little confused at first. Do not fear. Here I list the number of iPod products being sold at incredible discount prices. There are also numerous published reviews for these different models of iPods, an so when you begin shopping, you will have access to extensive consumer advice about iPods. You may, for instance, want a 4th Generation 40GB iPod that is selling for just a few dollars more than a 2GB iPod nano. That is one example of a fantastic deal could be the best iPod deal for a day only -- or it could be lasting for only a few hours. That's just the way life is when hot technology is being sold at clearance prices.

So check out all of the prices and consumer advice about MP3 players. Read consumer reviews on Zune vs iPod, iPod Video vs iPod Classic, and iPod Shuffle versus iPod Nano. There is really a lot of valuable, important information about the difference between all of these MP3 products, that you might not know about. In addition, you would be totally surprised to find out just how many of these products really are going for clearance prices.

iPod Shuffles
One of the most beloved iPod products - and, I might add, oftentimes one of the cheapest - is the iPod Shuffle. The great thing about iPod Shuffles is that they are one of the smallest in size, the most affordable, and the lowest maintenance - not to mention the fact that the iPod Shuffles are for sale at the lowest prices, much of the time. This nifty product allows you to listen to all your favorite music on the go, without having to worry about which songs you'll line up next. The music is, as the name suggests, shuffled.

Other Ways to Buy Discount iPods
But in addition iPod Shuffles on clearance and slashed rate iPod sales in general, there are also many, many other ways to buy the iPod at a discount, ways that many consumers simply don't know about. In order to illustrate this, let me give you an example. So you've heard about the free iPod, right? Especially when Apple first introduced the iPod to the market, many advertisers and marketers promoting other products would give the iPod away for free as a promotional incentive for you to sign up for a credit card, or sign up all your friends for a special offer on this, that or the other thing. Well, free iPods are still around -- if not in a lesser capacity -- but one thing that came out of all this was that people realized the iPod could be used to bait people into buying other products.

But many resellers got savvy to the fact that not only were free iPods hyped up, but a lot of people simply didn't feel right signing their friends up for products that they really weren't interested in. On top of that, more and more iPods were available in the market, and so the clearance price for the normal iPod is now a lot cheaper than when the iPod was first introduced to the market. Today, people are much more likely to buy an iPod at a discount, than spend the time jumping through hoops to get a free iPod.

What does this mean for you? It means rock bottom prices on the iPod, it means that you can browse the Web and not only find incredibly cheap prices on iPods, as well as unbelievably inexpensive Zune MP3 players, but you can also find people offering promotional coupons on iPods. Just take a minute, sign up for a newsletter or something - if that, even - get a promo code or a coupon and buy an iPod at a discount rate that you would never hear about anywhere else. So be a savvy shopper and find the best discount iPods online, and you'll thank me for helping you save lots of money!

Now, in order to buy the iPhone cheap, you are going want to take advantage of Apple's slashed rate discount. It's too new to find at clearance prices, but as a matter of fact the incredible rock bottom rate that Apple is offering is a really good price. If you haven't heard yet, a few months ago Apple dropped the price of the iPhone from $599 to $399. That's a $200 discount! So, take advantage of this dramatic iPhone discount!

Buying an unlocked iPhone is also an option, but people are going to charge you -- it will be extremely difficult to buy an unlocked iPhone for less than the price of the cheapest 8GB iPhone that is available to buy right now. Also, software to unblock the iPhone is extremely cheap, if not free, so really the best iPhone deal that you will be able to find is to buy the cheap iPhone on the Web, then get the free or discount software to unblock it. Overall, you won't spend much more than the low $399 pricetag and you will have safely unblocked iPhone - it will be a reliable product in your hands. That's the best iPhone deal you could hope for.

Cheap iPad
The great thing about Apple is that they keep coming out with updated versions which are usually a little bit better than the last, but not so great that you'd want to pay full price for the latest version when you could slash hundreds of dollars off the cost of the earlier version. Such is the case with the cost of the iPad vs iPad 2, where people who are crazed about the latest and greatest don't realize how a cheap original version iPad at clearance prices or even free is just as good, and so much more affordable.

Discount iPhone
This phone really is getting better and better, but it's always been a hit. If you want really cheap iPhones, you can snag earlier versions of the iPhone at clearance prices for just pennies on the dollar. When you set out to search for the cheapest iPhones place, this is where to begin: wholesalers and hidden discount sites that can help you slash hundreds off the iPhone price.

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