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. Click here now to buy a dirt-cheap international phone card If you're looking for free phone card for calls to Chile, good luck.

But if you're looking for the best phone cards to Chile, with decent rates to cell phones or landlines, then is Your international pre-paid phone cards provider. Just click on the link, search for your country, and then the country you're calling to, and they'll display a choice of different calling cards, their rates, and lead you on to even more phone card options, such as cheap phone cards.

They'll also display a fugly phone operator which is actually good because you know what you're buying - just a phone card. So buy it.

It's an okay site for comparison shopping and some of these international calling rates are pretty low. Note, though, that I haven't tried these out myself. In that sense you're on your own so read the fine print and go with the lowest pre-paid amount for starters, just to be safe. Still, buying your phone card online beats a trip down to the rank ass smoke shop with all those shady-looking dragon bong hawkers - no, just buy it online from the clean convenience of your home.

Before I go any further, though, I wanna make sure you're in the right place:

If you’re buying cheap international calling cards in Chile, you’re in luck because I found a great deal, but here’s what you gotta do – you gotta get up, walk outside and go to a kiosk and ask for one of these HelloCard prepaid phone cards at a kiosk. No dragon-bongs or exceptionally rank odor besides the obscene smog that permeates everything. Kiosks are fun in Chile, you can buy a paper to practice your Spanish or even talk to somebody for Christ's sake.

Anyway, if that's not what you're looking for, but instead you need a mobile phone or monthly Chilean calling plan, read up on buying a cell phone in Santiago, Chile from ProJoven because they've just introduced a mini-Chilean miracle: online payments. Adios Servi-Pag.

Okay, now that's taken care of, why - apart from the money - am I writing about phone cards. Simply put, I couldn't stand it any longer. I've been getting a ton of people querying me, hey Chileno, what are the best international prepaid phone cards or calling cards to Chile? Hey, Chileno, how do I buy a calling card to Chile? Well, "Hey," why don't you just click here now to buy one of these prepaid international phone cards!

So I looked around and so far this is the best I could come up with. Probably a good deal if you're looking to buy prepaid international phone cards online and call someone in Chile from the US or anywhere for that matter. If you're looking for calling cards to Chile from Canada, stop looking, it's here. Whether you're calling a cell phone, a fixed phone or even using these calling cards for certain VoIP connections, ComFi cards got something fo' you.

And by the way, in case you're sitting here, just using me for instructions on how to call a phone in Chile from the United States or Canada, here you go, dial away:

011 + 56 + (city code) + phone number

In Santiago, Chile, the city code is 2

(If you're dialing from within Chile it's 02 but from outside it's just 2).

If you're calling a Chilean cell phone from the United States, dial 9 in place of the city code.

011 + 56 + 9 + W + XYZ ABCD

As far as I can tell, the "W" will be 7, 8, or 9. Remember that when calling from outside Chile, the W is not preceded by a 0.

That is how to dial when calling a Chile cell phone.

Anyway, I'm just offering these cards for calling Chile here as a helpful resource, take it or leave it. This Comfi Calling Cards Review is meant to help you get the best rates when you call Chile or anywhere in the world, really. If you would like to write a review, just leave it in the comments and pray that I accept it. If I don't accept your phone card review, I imagine you're gonna wanna call me up and bitch. Well, that's gonna be a problem, won't it. So click here buy the pre-paid phone card and then start bitching.

But seriously, though. Do it for the children. Do you have a kid living in Chile who you haven't called recently? Or for that matter, a good friend or a business partner you've been dicking with by using skype's videoconferencing functionality when the poor fuck's on a broke-down Telefónica network? Using the old "phone cards are so expensive" excuse? Game over, wise guy: you can now buy a cheap phone card here.

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Okay, enough with the soft sell. Somebody, slap up the banner!

Chile Phone Cards

Yeah baby. So don't miss this great, unlimited-time offer to make cheap global calls to Chile and anywhere, from anywhere, by going with Comfi calling cards.

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