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Chile Blog Reviews
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This is the best place on the Internet to find helpful reviews about important Chile blogs. In addition, it is becoming the most comprehensive Chile blog directory online. Here you can read original blog reviews, and write your own. If you have a blog about Chile, email me the URL or drop it in a comment below. Thank you!

Chile From Within - Tomás' Chile Blog, Blogging from Without.
Adventures in Latin America - Catherine's pretty much Chile Blog.
Corrugated City -Matt's blog in Valparaíso, Chile.
Just Married Chilean Style - Kyle's blog about Chile.
Across the Great Divide Lauren's blog about, among other things, her experiences working for a poverty-oriented non-profit.
A Chile Tale It's okay to be a little bitter about Chile sometimes.
Below 15° North Roger's Latin America blog with a strong Chilean focus. Flight of the Platypus Paul's blog with lots of pictures and images of Chilean landscapes.
Travelling Slowly Alex lives in Santiago and validates all my gripes but seems to be more rigorous about it.
Viaje Chileno Joel pines for a Chilean work visa.
Santiago Tourist AJ's guide to sightseeing and things to do in Santiago, Chile.


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