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Facts about Chile
Chacabuco Documentary
Calling Cards to Chile

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The following is a list of helpful resources on Chile. Find facts on Chile, information about the history and historical events at the root of Chilean culture today.

Facts about Chile
Chile Government Facts Wikipedia
World Factbook: Chile CIA

Chile Resources
Chile LANIC, Latin American Information Center.
Chile Country Study Library of Congress
Profile of Chile BBC
Chile Country Profile Economist

Chile News
CIPER Chile Investigative Journalism
La Segunda
La Tercera
La Cuarta
La Nacion
The Clinic
Santiago Times
El Mercurio
Que Pasa?

Internet Radio
Radio Cooperativa

History of Chile
Jorge Arrate - Lecture UC Berekeley's Center for Latin American Studies on the History and Future Challenges of the Chilean Left.

Chile Immigration
Chile Migration, Then and Now Dated but it seems like a good source.
Joel's blog Expat seeking work visa in Chile.

Chilean Economy
OECD Chile
Marcel Claude's blog
Chilean Credit Card System

Chile Travel Information
Chile Travel State Department

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